Summer Newsletter

Summer Newsletter

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Burnley’s Very Own Nursery Sports Day

Each of our age groups had the chance to take part in their very own Sports day events – from babies to toddlers to our pre schoolers.  All parents and carers had the chance to come and watch their little ones having fun with our carefully planned sporting activities.
Our 2 and 3 year olds in the Little Inventors room unfortunately had rain on their day – typical British summer – but we are lucky enough to have enough open spaces inside the nursery that we were able to hold the races inside and still have enough room for all the spectators to enjoy the events.

Le Monde Petit Nursery

Sports Day Celebrations

The children loved the sack race the best and there were smiles all round as each child received a certificate and a medal.


It was tissue time at LMP as our nursery school children in the pre-school room attended their graduation ceremony in the nursery.  This time of year is always emotional as we are so proud to see the children that we have watched grow and progress become ready to move on from us and start primary school, but sad that we won’t get to spend time with them anymore. All the children got to wear a graduation cap and gown and their parents were presented with a picture of them to celebrate this milestone event.  We wish each and every family the best of luck for the future – come back and visit us now and again!
We have also had one of our members of staff graduate this week. Ashleigh from our Little Explorers room has completed her years of hard work studying to graduate with a foundation degree in Children, Young People and their services. Well done Ashleigh, we are very proud of you.

Burnley Nursery

Ashleigh Heys Graduating

30 hours Free & Tax Free Childcare

You may be aware that the government have launched several new schemes to make childcare more affordable for working families.  Their new website ChildcareChoices offers lots of information about the many different options available to people with all different kinds of income and family situations, so log on to see what your options could be. The biggest help for working families is the 30 hour free entitlement, so we have been preparing all our customers, letting them know they could be eligible and reminding them that applications need to made as soon as possible. Once you do the online application you will be provided with an eligibility code. This code needs to be brought to your chosen nursery who will then need to submit it to Lancashire County Council for verification. This verification needs to have been completed before the 31st August for parents to start receiving their free entitlement from this September.  If the code hasn’t been verified by the end of August, parents will not receive their free entitlement until the start of the next term – January 2018. So don’t delay – if your child turns 3 before 1st September – you could be eligible – get applying today.

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