Loose Parts Play

Loose Parts Play


Loose Parts Play

Loose parts play is a concept dreamed up by an architect in the early 1970s, and its principles and strengths are extremely relevant in today’s nursery life. Simon Nicholson presented the proposition that young children’s creative empowerment comes from the presence of open-ended materials that can be constructed, manipulated and transformed through self-directed play.  Here at Le Monde Petit we have recently started to embrace Simon Nicholson’s ideas more literally and are building on the concept day by day to create an ever evolving environment where children can learn and gain a wealth of knowledge from the natural real objects found in every day life, rather than plastic manufactured toys which may not offer as much in the way of imagination possibilities for the child.

What is Loose Parts Play?

The most simplest way to explain the theory of loose parts play is how a child views these:

This is fruit                                                         This can be an apple, a slice of cucumber, a stool, a step, a steering wheel, a flying saucer, a wheel, a plate…..anything!

Can I recreate this at home?

So providing a baby, toddler or pre-schooler with an environment full of real life natural objects can encourage their natural curiosity and promote a fascination to create endless possibilities. This is something that can also be done in your own home – and what’s more it won’t cost the earth!

Gather cardboard boxes from packaging, cardboard and plastic tubes, go to recycling centres, car boot sales or charity shops and raid them to get so many exciting items for children to have hours of educational fun with. Have a look at some of the items we have recently managed to gain and look at how we have used them – the children and the staff have all enjoyed the experiences so much and we are really impressed with the aesthetics of all the natural items as oppose to brightly coloured plastics toys – the nursery looks lovely!


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