3 – 5 Years

Nursery School

This is our School Ready room catering for children aged 3-5 years who are getting ready to transition to primary school. It is designed to enable children to explore freely within the
environment preparing them for reception class and for their all important life experiences beyond nursery.

We provide a warm and friendly environment where children can explore the environment supported by our caring and experienced practitioners.

The set up of the continuous provision allows children to engage in activities of their choosing whilst practitioners interact sensitively to enhance activities and engage in critical thinking.

The children in the Nursery School also have access to the Nursery Classroom which provides a more formal learning environment where children are encouraged to extend their thinking and gain new skills using a range of up to date technology including an interactive whiteboard on which lots of learning games can be played helping them to become ‘school ready’. The children in Nursery School have access to the outdoor environment enabling the children to choose whether to explore the indoor or the outdoor environment. Children are moved through to this room (also known as Little Einsteins) in the September of the year leading up to them going to primary school. This means they are with a class full of their peers and are all preparing for their eventual transition to reception class together.

Observations are recorded by practitioners and used when planning next steps in children’s learning and development. Children’s own interests are also used to inform planning and to enhance areas of continuous provision appropriately.

Meet the Team

Aoife Hamilton

School Readiness Co-Ordinator & Room Leader in Little Einsteins

I have over twelve years’ experience in the childcare and child education sector having achieved a Montessori Teaching Diploma in Early Childhood Years over ten years ago. I am passionate and dedicated to the care and education of preschool children and I particularly enjoy creating exciting activities to teach the children about topics such as solar systems, water cycles, continents and life cycles.

Zoe Byrom

Nursery Practitioner in Little Einsteins (currently on maternity leave)

I have worked at Le Monde Petit since March 2015 and I look after the 3-5 year olds in our Nursery School room with the Little Einsteins.  I have made great bonds with staff, children and parents. I am qualified to Level 3 in Childcare and have over 5 years previous experience working with children which is something I love doing.  Knowing I have contributed to their development and growing knowledge is extremely rewarding.  I speak fluent Spanish and have been teaching my little friends key words such as ‘Hola’, ‘Gracias’, ‘Por Favor’ and ‘Adios’.  Le Monde Petit has helped me develop new skills and confidence, it is such a good nursery to be at with all the friendly and helpful staff, and I really enjoy my time here.

Tom Flynn

Nursery Practitioner in Little Einsteins

I am a level 3 qualified nursery practitioner with a particular interest in supporting children with additional needs, and I have been told I have a calm reassuring manner with young children.  Being a male in a largely female-dominated career enables me to bring a different experience and caring style for the children at Le Monde Petit. It is also great for the children to have a positive male role model here at the nursery.


Chloe Swift

Nursery Practitioner in Little Einsteins

I find it very rewarding working with children as I get to help them develop new skills which will help them to progress to the next level.  I love creating interesting activities to encourage children to learn though their play. I am currently based in the Nursery School room Little Einsteins in Le Monde Petit preparing our 3 and 4 year olds for their eventual transition to reception class.