2 Years

Little Explorers

Little Explorers are in two adjoining rooms called Finders and Seekers. They care for children aged 2 and 3 years and these rooms enable children to explore freely within the nursery environment. They have continuous free flow access to their own outdoor space enabling them to make the choice of playing outside.

The provisions available in these rooms are set up in a way which allows children to engage in activities of their choosing whilst nursery practitioners interact sensitively to enhance activities and engage in critical thinking. Children turning 2 years will be in Little Explorers Finders and move through to Little Explorers Seekers the following September along with their peers who will be in the same academic year as them when they start primary school. Children will stay in Little Explorers Seekers until the September of the academic year prior to them starting Reception class when they move through to our nursery school – Little Einsteins.

We keep a Learning Journey file on e-tablets for each child to record through photographs and videos the progress, development and achievements your child makes at nursery.

We also use children’s own interests to inform planning and to enhance areas of play appropriately, and children in the room have continuous free-flow access to their own outdoors gardens and play area.

Meet the Team

Ashleigh Heys

Room Leader in Little Explorers

I am passionate about working with children and making a positive impact on their lives. I have over eight years experience working in nurseries and have a Foundation Degree in Children, Young People & Their Services.  I am dedicated to enabling children to thrive through their early development.  I especially love doing creative and musical activities with the two year olds in Little Explorers.

Xana Thompson

Nursery Practitioner in Little Explorers

I celebrated my 20 year anniversary working at Le Monde Petit last year and I am still extremely passionate about childcare. I bring a lot of fun to the Little Explorers room and have a great bond with all my key children and their families.

Sadaf Ashraf

Nursery Practitioner in Little Explorers

I am a qualified and experienced Level 3 Childcare Practitioner with over 3 years of experience working in another nursery before joining the Le Monde Petit team in 2014.  I am also experienced and qualified in Business and Administration. I look after the two year olds in our Little Explorers room and love reading stories to them.

Ria Hargreaves

Nursery Practitioner in Little Explorers

I am actually a former Le Monde Petit graduate!  I attended this nursery when I was a little tot and now I work here having recently gained my Level 3 qualification in Childcare.  I am passionate about my career choice and love being part of this team.

Rebecca Brown

Nursery Practitioner in Little Explorers

I have a daughter of my own who comes to Le Monde Petit and I love spending time with her. I work with the two year olds in Little Explorers and I arrived at Le Monde Petit following over eight years working as a room leader at another nursery. I have a foundation degree in Children, Young People & Their Services. I am very passionate about teaching children and love my job.