Team Building

Team Building

The Le Monde Petit Staff Day Out 2018

Bushcraft for our Nursery Practitioners at Outdoor Elements

Nursery Team Building Day

Every year our fantastic owner Peter Hindle treats all the staff from the three nurseries he owns to a brilliant day out. Each year it’s something new that will be fun but will also take people out of their comfort zone and challenge their abilities. In the past we have experienced some very exciting adventures – tobogganing at the Chill Factore, Tough Mudder, camping, urban treasure hunts and even falconry.

This year we decided on learning about bushcraft and booked the top notch Outdoor Elements set in a stunning woodland valley in Simonstone near Burnley. This place and the team that run it deserve every 5 star review they get – they were absolutely brilliant.

Getting Competitive

We decided on a full day session which ran from 9.30am to 4.00pm one drizzly Saturday in August. We had a choice of activities before the event and we decided on problem solving, survival skills, crate stack and zip wire. 11 of our nursery practitioners and support staff were available on the day and we were split into two competing teams with the aim – to score more points than the other! Jim and Dave were our very patient instructors and made sure we were safe and happy all day long.

Problem Solving

Problem solving was up first – with 5 different tasks for us to work together to solve. Brain power, co-ordination and lots of team work were essential for all of these and it was brilliant to see different people’s qualities emerging and confidence growing during the session as one by one we were successful in the complicated activities. We managed to transport logs across a river from one bank to another just with the use of two ropes, we successfully traversed a minefield (ie found the correct route through a stepping stone maze without Jim yelling bang at us…..eventually), guided each other blindfolded through a winding forest path and built a 5 metre high antennae post (ie several blue canisters on top of each other topped with a red plastic cone).

Survival Skills like Bear Grylls

Up next was survival skills. Each team was equipped with a tub containing tarpaulin, ropes, cotton wool, a flint, a kettle and the ingredients for bread. We were sent off into the forest and instructed to create a suitable shelter and light a fire hot enough to boil our kettle and bake the bread. It was very exciting and made us all feel like mini Bear Grylls! By the way lighting fires even with a flint and cotton wool is harder than you think! It took us about 4 attempts before we figured out the knack of it but eventually we had a roaring fire over which to balance our tripod and get our kettle boiling and our bread baking – 10 minutes later and were warmed from the inside with a hot cup of tea and warm cinnamon bread made by our own fair hands – perfect.

Let’s get Harnessed Up

So far the day had included everyone keeping their feet on the ground – this was about to change as the afternoon activities commenced.

Harnesses and helmets on and time for another safety briefing to prepare us for the crate stack and the zip wire. Of course there were some adrenaline junkies among us who couldn’t wait but there were many who were very nervous and apprehensive about being off the ground. Jim, Dave and Colin made everyone feel completely at ease though and coaxed those who were a little reluctant to push themselves further than they thought they could – and you know what? They felt amazing afterwards! What a confidence boost.

Thank you to all at Outdoor Elements, and thank you to Peter for treating us to another amazing day out.

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