Free Flow Play for All Children

Free Flow Play for All Children

Indoor to Outdoor Free Flow Play for all children? Yes please!

Creating continuous outdoor access for our children

Outdoor Play

We have always valued the importance of outdoor play for all children here at Le Monde Petit. From the youngest babies, every child gets lots of opportunity to explore our garden no matter what the weather. However in the past this has always meant each age group sticking to their designated play time in the mornings and afternoons and being taken outside in an orderly fashion, out through the main doors, down the ramp, through the gate and into the lovely gardens. We would have always preferred to give the children the choice of when they wanted to play outside and to make it much easier for them to access the grounds. Now we are extremely excited that this wish has come true!

What is Free Flow Play?

Gone are specific ‘playtimes’, now each room will have their own continuous access to their own specific outdoor play area – ‘Free flow Play’ is here!

“By providing a space that encourages outdoor activity, nurseries are encouraging children to learn through experimentation, develop their sense of empowerment and group dynamics.

The benefits of spending more time with nature has been proven to help children score higher on concentration and self-discipline tests, improve awareness, reasoning and observational skills and do better in reading, writing, maths, science and social studies.” – Education Framework, TGE Escapes

How are we doing it?

The old car park being transformed

A lot of the transformations have already taken place. Our large old car park to the side of the building has been covered in luscious green astro turf, accessorised with log benches for reading stories on, tyres for climbing through and a wooden playhouse for role playing in. Previously there was no direct access to this area but we now we have fabulous patio door in the once solid wall which we can leave permanently open giving every child the option to take their play outside or inside.

This means that he babies can now also have their own personal outdoor space as the old route to the old car park area now doesn’t have to be used for access. This area too has been astro turfed and a canopy erected to give the babies shelter and an area to be able to explore. The school ready children will get the front garden all to themselves now with their super shelter, mud kitchen and willow tunnel.

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